Powerful Computer Tips for Keeping Your PC Optimized

Of all the information you can find about using your computer, tips on optimizing your PC are the most important. But there is so much info it can become quickly overwhelming and possibly confusing. Just because you don’t understand the inner workings of your computer, doesn’t mean you should ignore keeping it optimized.

Over time how you use and install programs on your PC can seriously affect how your computer operates which bring us to the subject of performance. So the obvious thing you should do is start learning, and that will take care of many issues right there.

In this article on optimizing your PC, I offer a few simple computer tips so you will know just a little bit more.

Your Computer Will tend to fill up with bits and pieces of files

The main result is that your machine will slow down, and how much depends on how much you have built up over time. Most people just do a little cleaning themselves with programs that are standard with machines. Another approach is to buy software that will find all your junk and temporary files and delete them, but be sure to shop carefully and read as many credible reviews as possible. You will be able to find different kinds with various price points, etc.

One free tool that I use to keep my computers clean and running smoothly is PiriForm’s CCleaner.

CCleaner LogoIts easy to use and safe, even the registry cleaner! You can use CCleaner on PC’s,Macs and Android SmartPhones & Tablets, and they even have a light portable version that you can run from your USB drive.

Get CCleaner for PC’s here >>

Get CCleaner for Mac’s here >>

Get CCleaner for Android SmartPhones & Tablets here >>

Use Multiple Browsers

Because some websites don’t work with all browsers or your primary browser may crash after an update, I recommend having multiple browsers to chose from. Specifically, I recommend using Chrome or Firefox as your primary and Internet Explorer as your backup browser or for sites that work better in Internet Explorer. To find and install additional browsers, just do a google search for “Download Chrome” or “Download Firefox”.

When you run into a problem with a site, just open the other browser. Think troubleshooting and problem isolation. Having this additional browser will definitely save some frustration one day.

Keep Track of What You Install

This concerns those people who spend heavy duty time on the web. Most likely you will use a lot of programs over time with some falling by the wayside as you forget about them or replace them with better tools. There are compelling reasons for you to maintain an awareness of all that you have installed on your computer. Anything that does not have a reason for being needs to go.. You can get programs that will do things like clean your registry, and deleted programs have a history of not deleting supporting files. I also recommend CCleaner for helping with this.

Watch this video on how to use CCleaner to Remove Programs

Never Believe It Won’t Happen To You

Never believe that you are immune from stuff happening because chances are good it will. The computer tips you have just read are very simple and only require a minimum of effort. If you will simply do them, they can save you a lot of money, hassle and time. These types of computer tips will help you have a much better experience with your PC.

One final & very important tip: Backups!

Backing up your computer is the number one bit of smart advice that most people don’t listen to. It is not easy to rebuild what was on your computer, once it crashes and you lose everything – will be very frustrating and painful.